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Is the road south of the Rue Du Belier/Ridge Rd. turn around, complete I'm from Abbeville, and go to UMC at Congress and Bertrand, often. Duhon Rd. at the Southside Library, if I'd take a left, going towards Judice, leads to a road on the right, that joins up at the turnaround, at Rue Du Belier and Ridge Rd. Is that section between the Turnaround, and Duhon Rd., open yet? If it were, I'd have an easier route, to Congress and eventually UMC, instead of using Johnston, or Amb. Caff. It's great that when you turn Right on Duhon rd., it takes you directly to Robley at Amb. Caff., so I'm hoping the connect to Congress, is open, also. Thank you.
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ffman2152Posted on Jun 23, 2011
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