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Relocating Hello all... We are getting transferred to Harrisburg PA! We have never even been to PA! However, we are excited about this opportunity. We are lookingto not live in Harrisburg, but around the area. We are willing to commute 20 minutes or so to live in a beautiful, friendly and safe area. Oh! Not too mention excellant school districts. We have heard of Palmyra, Camp Hill, Middletown, and a few others.. can anyone recommend any towns worth checking out. Thanks in advance!
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MarymoPosted on Jan 15, 2013


Hi Marymo! Harrisburg has some nice areas, but I would definitely not recommend living there. I had a friend who lived in Middletown and commuted to Harrisburg. They rented from the village of pineford complex before buying a house... which is a great option if you're unfamiliar with the area! :)
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cait0321Posted on Mar 25, 2014
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