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Should I move to Greensburg? I am from Charlotte NC and am looking for a nice, affordable place to live as I plan to move there to be near a relative. I am a divorced mother with two pre-teens living on a limited income. I also need to find employment and have been an administrative assistant for 10 years at a high school in my previous town so any info relative to the job market would be helpful. Last but not least, how is the weather in general during the winter and general driving conditions?
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afpjonesPosted on Jul 20, 2011


Hi! I live in Greensburg. It's definitely affordable, to answer your question! It's not much of a big town, although it is the biggest in the county. We do have parks, and the normal chain restaurants and hometown meal places, but if you're used to big fancy shopping centers and restaurants, it'll take some getting used to. I'm not really sure how the employment rates are in town, but if you have experience at a school and want to continue on that path, we have quite a few local public and private schools. Weather in the winter isn't so bad. Some parts of our county are up in the Pennsylvania mountains and get the harshest of winters, but Greensburg is pretty south of that and at a low point. We have all four seasons, and great town activities to do during each of them. Good luck!!
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gabbya99Posted on Aug 07, 2012
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