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Is Fresno, CA a safe place to live? According to the crime reports, Fresno doesn't seem like the safest place to live. The violent crimes in Fresno are almost double the national average and the number of murders in Fresno were triple the national average. Can anyone who lives in Fresno or has lived in Fresno recommend a safe place or neighborhood to live in Fresno, where the crime rates would be lower?
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AV JonPosted on Mar 24, 2011


as the adughter of a police officer i can tell you from expierence that this city is NOT SAFE. For example, they had to do drug raids at my junior high school (Kastner) the year after I left becuase it's so prolific there. My old math teacher was fired for smoke pot on the job, and they found some in her desk. My father has been in shoot outs in this city, attacted repeatedly, and must deal with gang members on a far too frequent basis. Clovis is far better with their crime, partially because they're a much richer community. The mayor here, rather than increasing the number of police officers, has greatly reduced the number of officers and firemen. The parks also aren't taken care of and filled with homeless people-- we have an abnormally high number in comparison to other cities. The ratio of homeless people to homed people is the highest in the nation in Fresno, and has been for quite a while. I've lived my whole life here, and the place is terrifying in some areas. In others, of course it's nicer. However, conditions are growing increasingly worse, as the entire city consistantly shifts towards the richer North side (For example, my old high school used to be the best in the city. Now a new school has been built north that has far more funding, and better resources overall. My school was so decrepit that celiing tiles in the drama room almost fell onto students' heads).
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kk98inkheartPosted on Nov 21, 2015
Clovis and Fresno is just as safe as any other cities their size. Most places north of Herndon Ave should be better than most in the area. Also, most places East of Armstrong is also good. I would stay away from anywhere south of Shaw and West of First, keeping in mind there are good pockets throughout Fresno and bad ones in Clovis. But Clovis is usually a little better to a lot better. But wages are not very good.
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AmmodawgPosted on Apr 11, 2014
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