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Is Cleveland really that bad??? Hello, I wanted to know is Cleveland really as bad as the reviews I've read? I have heard more bad than good comments on Cleveland. I know that everyone's expectations are different. I grew up in Cincinnati, at that time I hated it. At 18 I moved to Georgia and I regretted it! I have been trying to adjust to the lack of resources and public transportation running every hour and a half! And the mind set that most southerners have. (No offence anyone) I still have not adjusted in 4 years! I have been away from civilization for so long I'm thinking that I am going to enjoy Cleveland due to my current situation LOL. I am a student and I would like to live in a inexpensive city that has public transportation and decent healthcare. Does Cleveland really offer inexpensive cost of living, reliable transportation and good healthcare as advertised? Thank you!
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Dasheaask1Posted on Oct 25, 2011


I lived in Cleveland for 9years in the 90s when things were good. Now Cleveland has gotten worse. High crime, it is 5th in the United States with Murders. Low in Education and Police,Firefighters and EMTS are to few. The only few things about Cleveland is The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Sports venues, if U like losing teams, and Casinos. That's The Truth.
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Big Bobby JPosted on Feb 18, 2015
No Cleveland is not that bad, I am shocked with what some people say, there are sections that are not great, but I live on the lower westside of cleveland, and its people are great, its quiet, clean, people take pride in their homes. Health care is great, I live just blocks from Metro health medical center, fantastic hospital with a rating program that ranges from cheap-free. Public transportation usually every 15-20 minutes there is a bus going your way, and rent isnt bad, 350-700 depending on 1 or 2 bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished and location........ I LOVE CLEVELAND, and love living here, west side rules !!!!
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beverly1966Posted on Jul 30, 2013
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