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What is low income senior housing like in Cheyenne,Wyoming? I am currently living in Phoenix, Az. where the air quality is poor and rated at 101 so the air quality in Cheyenne, Wyoming at 15 looks very attractive. I am living in HUD housing which only requires 30% of your income here in Phoenix. Is there anything similar in Cheyenne?
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lookingforairPosted on May 21, 2011


I have lived here for some 35 years , yes we have some cheep housing , it is called low income and you have to get on a list and it takes up to one year to get on. but once on you are on; you stay on till you have a good increase in income or you die. There is help with in home health care, meals on wheels, senior companions this is all free to low income seniors. So if you try to come here know cheep housing is about 500 dollars a month,that is until you can get on housing . you will need a car, an be prepared for very long cold winters. The wind blows all the time so snow drifts and cuts to the old bones, Summers are short but fishing is wonderful, out door life is great. but it only last from June till about September and winter is back. summers normally run around 90's good out door temperatures. We are still cowboy country, friendly, open and loving bunch of folks my final advice is come visit first, as we are not everyone's cup of tea. The wind here is like nothing I have encountered any place else . I have lived all the way from coast to coast, that is Georgia to California but I came here in July of 1978 and I went back to California and sold my home and moved here and I would never consider living any place else. I am one in thousands of people who love the wind, the wide open spaces and friendly people who live here. after 35 plus years I can not see me any place else so you love it or hate it but try it first, then make up your mind. good luck.
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ol wyominggirl1980Posted on Nov 03, 2016
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