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Moving to Cape Coral I'm moving soon from NJ. Looking at Cape Coral, would someone please update me on the area? Crime, education, jobs, etc.

I'm looking to rent around the canal area, should I be concerned about flooding and storms?

As far as jobs, what is the closest cities that are doing pretty good as far as employment?
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Retired and looking for an environmental community to live We are interested in living in a small home in a community with other people who are interested in local food and sustainability. We want to live simply and inexpensively, and want to rent before we buy.
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Royal palms in city parks. In June 2010, I went on a bicycle exploration trip through Cape Coral. I saw quite a few nice parks with some pretty nice palm trees, but unfortunately, I only saw 1 or 2 parks with even a couple of Royal palms (Roystonea regia) planted on the actual park area. The only other palms I saw were Coconut, Cabbage, and Queen palms. Why exactly does Cape Coral have so few Royal palms in it's parks? Answer question
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