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moving to Boca Raton is it a good move for a young couple ? Is it an expensive city to live?My family is thinking of moving there but all we keep getting its an expensive city? I will be attending FAU! And my husband is presently seeking job as teacher there ! Is it a good move to make? Help Donna
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otrellaPosted on Nov 10, 2013


Hi :) I lived in Boca Raton for 1 years (2008) with my husband and son. Per my personal experience, the city is amazing, has wonderful schools, places to dine, have fun, etc. If you want I can help you a little bit more, I am a realtor, and I can assist you with all your Real Estate needs. Thank you, Ximena Rosensweig Realtor SIGMA Direct Line: 954-670-7994 Languages: English, Spanish
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XimenaPosted on Mar 07, 2014
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