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Who know of a good tree service contractor in Vienna? I recently had some trees blown over from the winds of Hurricane Sandy and I need to hire a tree service contractor. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Gabi
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gabriellasimondPosted on Nov 02, 2012


Recently had a tall gum tree (must have been 50-60 feet) that died so we got 3 competitive bids that ranged from $900 to $1600. Checked references and selected the firm with the most positive references. They showed up with a big crane and crew of about 6. They set up the crane and an hour and 15 minutes later the tree had been loaded in trucks in long pieces, limbs had been chipped and in trucks and they left. A week later their stump grinder guy came and ground the stump down 20 inches into the ground. We kept the grindings to turn into mulch. They mailed us a bill for $750 for tree removal and $150 for stump grinding, which we promptly paid as very satisfied customers. Company was J & L Tree Service. There website is
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jack WPosted on Oct 30, 2016
Hi Gabi, I lived in Vienna for 3 years and I had a wooded lot where tree work was required almost every year. I had great experiences using: Fairfax Tree Service 9359 Campbell Rd Vienna, VA 22182 (703) 688-3900 They have a website: Anyway, their prices were always fair and the work was professional. I recommend them. Hope this helps! Bradley
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BradleyPosted on Nov 02, 2012
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