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Venice lifestyle. Hi, we are thinking about relocating to Venice, Fl. We'd like to know if the community is friendly or stand-offish? Also is there an fairly active lifestyle for the 55+ set, i.e., biking, tennis, golf, dancing? Are there any neighborhoods to avoid due to crime? Which neighborhoods are closest to amenities and maybe are walkable. Lastly, what do you like best about living in Venice? Thank you for your response.
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Jlbright1Posted on Apr 22, 2014


back in oct 2014 the venice rating on was 87, then 84 now 82??, ( as of 2/16) what happened??
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cliffbarns822@yahoo.cPosted on Feb 28, 2016
The median age in Venice is in the 60's. The biggest attraction in Venice are the beaches and downtown Main Street where you will find events throughout the year such as car shows. Venice Main Street has a walkable shopping area with a few restaurants. Venice is called the Shark Tooth Capital of the World. You can find sharks teeth and seashells at the beaches. There is a dog beach and park, there is a fishing pier and fishing charters. In the rest of Venice, there are no shopping malls, just shopping plazas. There are fast food and other restaurants to choose from throughout the city. There is a weekly farmers market. There is the Venice Theater where they have plays and shows. And there are some parks. There are a variety of communities to choose from in different price ranges. There are condos, villas, single family homes, and mobile home parks. There are plenty of new construction developments to choose from as well. It is not considered a high crime area, but you can check for crime statistics with the City of Venice Police Dept. The Legal Trail is a great place to bike or walk. There are several golf courses to choose from as well as golf course communities. Dancing can be found at some of the bar/restaurant areas when they have bands playing. The traffic gets very heavy in Venice during the winter months when all of the seasonal residents are here. Tammy Hayes, Realtor
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TamREPosted on Jun 25, 2015
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