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Stroudsburg's living conditions If you can, why are Stroudsburg's living conditions significantly lower than the national average? If possible, give specific reasons.
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dr.fly92Posted on Apr 16, 2013


Saw Creek Estate Illegal Development Stealing MoneySaw Creek Estate Community Association LLC in Lehman Township, Pike County a residential development of 3500 in Pocono, PA; is operating in fraud since October 2016. The management staff has been terminated and are trespassing. The residents are paying thieves. Saw Creek, Lehman Township, Bushkill, PA is owned by Tonia Scott; documents can be verified on The land was rescinded back to the original owner. The management staff was told to place all proceeds from the dwellers in an escrow account.The management staff and HOA stole the funds. In turn the Saw Creek Dwellers will have to pay the new owner the stolen fundsHOA President: Peter Derrenbacher General Manager: David MartinDirector of Member Services: Jessica VanDerVlietwww.uslandrecords.comliber- 002506page- 1601number of pages-4filing number - 201600008297
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TruthTellerPosted on Feb 01, 2017
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