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Question about living in Sheboygan Falls My wife and I are considering moving to Sheboygan Falls though we may not have a chance to visit first and are very interested in hearing about the area from those who live there or have lived there in the past. We currently live in Southern California and are looking for a much slower pace and more space, somewhere with plenty of nature and clean air, where the people are friendly and the area is clean and inexpensive with a good housing market - a good place to raise a family. We're looking for a smallish town to live in though within reach of a big enough city that stores, fun things to do, restaurants, etc. would be in reach (e.g. health food stores, museums or the like, etc.). From what I've found on the Internet, (particularly on this website) and based on the fact that my wife was born and raised in Wisconsin and we're interested to be back in Wisconsin closer to family, Sheboygan Falls sounds like a perfect fit. Any information or insight that anybody could offer would be much appreciated.
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Seeker of LightPosted on Apr 13, 2013
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