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Population (2013)1,308,619
People per square mile4,024
Household income$63,990
Income per capita$33,012
Male/Female ratio1.02:1
Males 18-39 years39.3%
Females 18-39 years36.2%
Married (15yrs and older)48.3%
Have children (under 18yrs)47.4%
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Endless areas to explore in SDSan Diego is huge when you think about it. I was born here and lived here my entire life up until three years ago. You will never run out of things to do. There are lots of different malls, different restaurants, different stores. You canRead full review
GREAT PLACE TO LIVE-BUT VERY EXPENSIVEI am fortunate in that I work full time and have a pension, which allows me to live fairly comfortably here. However, for many, the cost of living is too high to make ends meet.
Having said that, living in San Diego is great. The weather
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  • Karma posted a question in San Diego
  • July 20, 2012
Weather and Foggy Conditions in January-MarchWe are considering a visit to the SanDiego area this winter and cannot find any information about how foggy it is in the different "coastal" communities. Are there any that are less apt to have fog during the winterSee full question
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  • mattverick posted a question in San Diego
  • July 11, 2011
Job Chances and network opportunities.Hello everybody,
my question is really simple and is intended to better understand whether a european man (26) can have a chance to find a job in San Diego or not. If not in San Diego which other city would you suggest in order to have
See full question
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Neighborhoods in & around San Diego, CA

La Jolla, San Diego8610.1
Roseville, San Diego854.1
Marina, San Diego850.6
Columbia, San Diego850.6
Pacific Beach, San Diego847.7
Ocean Beach, San Diego845.3
Old Town, San Diego832.6
Midtown, San Diego831.9
Little Italy, San Diego830.9
Rolling Hills Ranch, Chula Vista8312.5
University City, San Diego8310.5
Kensington, San Diego834.9
Estlake Greens, Chula Vista8312.8
Yosemite Dr, Chula Vista8213
Loma Portal, San Diego824.3
West University Heights, San Diego823.1
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Cities near San Diego, CA

Rancho Santa Fe, CA8521.2
Coronado, CA852.4
Encinitas, CA8323.5
Carlsbad, CA8332.5
Solana Beach, CA8320.1
Poway, CA8218.6
Granite Hills, CA8116.1
Rancho San Diego, CA8113.3
Santee, CA8113.8
Del Mar, CA8117.9
Fairbanks Ranch, CA8119.4
La Mesa, CA808.8
Alpine, CA8024.4
Chula Vista, CA806.9
Bonita, CA808.3
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