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Changes in Rowlett since the I90 & Dart came ? We are looking at relocating from Michigan to the Dallas area for work and we are looking for a nice suberb to live in. We were referred to Rowlett by someone who lives there. I saw it in CNN's top #100 places, at #24 in the article from 2010. How has the tollway and the train affected the area? Its obviously more convenient to live there now than it use to be, but it was noted as having a close community, small town feel back in 2010. Is that still mostly true? Also, our youngest kid is going to be entering college next year. Can anyone suggest a good close-by community college for our son to start at for his first year? Thanks for whatever help you can provide!
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mrdallasPosted on Mar 12, 2013


I would say, reconsider Rowlett. The city government is run poorly, in that it is somewhat corrupt. It is run by realtors, and people with their hands in the pie, so to speak. Also you will pay much more for your city taxes, becuase Rowlett does not operate its own school system. It pays the neighboring town of Garland to run its school, which ends up costing the citizens of Rowlett much more. I have lived for a long time in dallas area. I would suggest Plano, in the older section around Independence and 15th street. The plano schools are excellent, and the access to highways is great . Very close to univ of Texas at Dallas ( UTD) and very close to Central expressway, and close to George Bush Tollway. We moved there, and it is a lovely neighborhood, and will gain value much more than Rowlett, thugh the homes cost same or less than Rowlett. Also the section of Dallas, tht is east of town has lovely trees and creeks. These are older homes, but are lovely, look in areas called Lake Highlands, East Dallas, White Rock Lake. This area sends it children to Richardson schools, although on a map it appears to be Dallas, But it is Richardson school district. Good Luck to you.
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linda rodgersPosted on Nov 11, 2016
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