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Always something new and exciting

There is always something new and exciting to do here in Pigeon. First of all, take in that fresh mountain air and tell me you don't feel a little calmer. I love the Flea Markets and the strip malls. The community is always growing and there is always something that you realize you couldn't do on your trip when you get home, because it is such a fun city and full of attractions. It is perfect for everyone of all ages. It has gem mining (here and in Gatlinburg) for the young kids (and anyone really who love rock/gem hunting). People here are always kind and have the coolest southern drawl. It is a state of southern hospitality afterall. The ferris wheel in the Island (a small town within a town) is a romantic ride for couples who just want to take in the sights together. The Titanic museum is a nice little blast from the past as well as being decorative for the holidays. Sometimes people stand on the grand staircase and profess their love for their significant other all over again, it really is romantic. Wonderworks is perfect for children who love learning and playing, as it is very hands on and fun to go through (at any age). There is simply so much to do here that I can't tell you everything, just know there is something for everyone and it is a must-go-to.
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rjaidiePosted on Oct 27, 2015
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