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What is Orange Park a nice place to live in? Hi everyone, I live in Oregon and I am fed up with the constant dreary days and horrible rainy weather. I have always wanted to move to Florida and read a bit about Or. Park Florida. I am looking for a quite town close to a big city with a safe environment with plenty of things to do and go too. Parks, theater, restaurants, pubs, wine tasting ect. I really like nature and like seeing birds, wetlands, the beach and outdoors. It is important that there are things to do close by and not far from the city. I am a 63 yr old female and I own my own house and would be able to afford around 200k and want to buy a house with a nice, private yard and a safe, pretty neighborhood with trees around. What I am worried about is the weather and humidity. Many people I have talked to said that I would be sorry to move to Florida because of it. Is it really that bad, and for how long? I have heard up to a half a year, is that true? It is important that there are hospitals close by, safe neighborhoods and close to the beach. Also I heard that because of the weather I should buy a home with a pool? I do not want to pay HOA fees either. Please help because I really don't know much about the area. I chose Orange Park because "Find Your" put that on my list. I have been to Sarasota and was thinking of moving there... but someone said there is less humidity and that it is much cooler on the Atlantic side. Please help and tell me what you really think about Orange park Thanks... Tina
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tinabirdPosted on Apr 14, 2015
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