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Welcoming? We'll be moving to Coastal MS the second half of this year and are looking at Ocean Springs. So far, the school reviews I have found say they're very good schools with great programs. reviews say there is low crime, higher home rental & sale rates as well as fuel prices being a bit higher. Coming from Utah, we want to make sure we move our family to an area that is not unwelcoming due to religious, financial or any other status. we also would like to make sure our children attend good schools & don't have to worry about whether they're safe or not. We're not looking for Mayberry & know that no matter what area of any part in the world is 100% safe or positive. We just want to get real opinions from real people instead of going off of reviews that were posted years ago and hear say.
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SJArmyWifePosted on Jan 05, 2015
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