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Best place for a mixed race couple to move to in Nashville Tennessee a Hello, My wife and I are a mixed race Christian family of 8. Kids are 15 years old down to 10 years old with a one year old at the bottom. We currently live in phoenix on an acre, have horses, chicken etc. we really want the farm country, slower pace life that Nashville offers. Only scare. Are there parts of the area we should avoid? We are looking for 50 acres plus, with a decent sized house, for about $300,000. We are as country as it comes, but with a mixed race family, I'd be stupid to not be aware of my surroundings. Is it possible to get such a property about 30 minutes from the city? If anyone is a realtor, we would love to hook up, as we don't have one out there yet. Ps: we are not interested in race talk. Just looking for a nice quiet peaceful safe area to raise my family. I understand that "awkward" race opinions are everywhere, including AZ. HOWEVER, LETS NOT KID OUR SELVS. when is the last time you heard of kkk rallies like the one in Memphis, happening out west? Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. Please be blunt
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JjnyaPosted on Jul 27, 2014


I think that you would be safe anywhere around <a href="">Nashville</a> as far as the mixed race goes. There is a lot of diversity here. East of Nashville is very beautiful and a little more affordable than going South of Nashville so you may end up with more land and a bigger house for the same price. When you get ready to move give us a call, I would be happy to answer any questions about areas, schools, etc!
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Master MoversPosted on Oct 30, 2014
The mixed-race thing will be less of an issue than you probably think. My neighbors are mixed race (in a town that is 97% white) and there are no issues. People around here are more interested in how people act than how they look. There are far more race issues in the Midwest than in the South. And, Memphis is nothing like the rest of the state. If we could get rid of it, we would - it skews the statistics too much. You can find a lot of nice farm areas and large lots in both Cheatham and Robertson counties. Both have a low cost of living and are within 30 minutes of downtown Nashville. Cheatham is going to be a little more hilly as far as terrain goes. I would not go SE of town (towards Murfreesboro) or south of town (towards Brentwood/Franklin) as those areas are just growing too fast. You'll feel squeezed in no time. Dickson County is a little further out, but it would also offer what you want.
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37146ResidentPosted on Oct 12, 2014
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