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John Bunyan Innis John B. Innis was mayor of Meade in the early years of the 20th century. He was the father of Elbert Innis who resided in Meade until his death in the 1980's and was also the father of Floyd Innis, my father. John B. Innis was married to Josephine Fletcher and I believe many of her relations still reside in Meade. I am compiling a family history for my grandsons and am searching for photos of John and Josephine. John B. Innis died seven years before my birth so I never knew my grandfather. My father had only one tinted photo of Josephine as a young woman. She died in 1907 of scarlet fever during a regional epidemic when my father was 12 and her death scared him so badly that he never, never talked about his childhood or his parents. Consequently I don't know what John B. Bunyan looked like. Can you access city records to see if a photo of John B. exists from his mayorality?
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thinnisPosted on Aug 14, 2012


John Bunyan Innis has his picture in the Meade historical museum along with Josephine's picture and a picture of Elbert E. Innis. I also have photos of them. Elbert was my Grandfather. I knew John was a school teacher, but I didn't know he was mayor. My brother, sister and I spent many summers in Meade. My sister went to third grade there and my brother attended high school in Meade. We all went halfway down the Dalton gang hideout tunnel about a million times. If you went all the way down the tunnel you were expected to put a nickel in the turnstile at the end and we didn't have a nickel. My mother was Mary Innis, your cousin. I would love to know more about your side of the family.
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McIlwainePosted on Feb 24, 2015
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