Macon, GA Transportation

Macon transportation information

Total airports (within 30 miles of city center)1 (1)8354
Total Amtrak train stations (within 30 miles of city center)1 (1)7711
Average one way commute (mins)202725
Workers who carpool11.8%11.0%10.0%
Workers taking public transportation2.0%2.2%5.0%
Workers who walk to work3.0%1.6%2.8%
Working from home1.7%4.7%4.3%
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There are a total of 1 airports within 30 miles of Macon and a total of 1 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the city center.

The average travel time to work in Macon is 26.5% less than the Georgia average and 22.1% less than the National average. The number of people who take public transportation in Macon is 5.9% less than the Georgia average and 58.9% less than the National average. The number of people who carpool to work in Macon is 7.7% greater than the Georgia average and 17.9% greater than the National average. The number of people who work from home in Macon is 64.4% less than the Georgia average and 61.2% less than the National average.

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Data displayed in the above graphs is based on 2012 census data.

Amtrak stations within 30 miles of Macon, Georgia

MaconGreyhound Sta., 65 Spring St.
Macon GA 31201
Amtrak Station Information
  • •  Located 1.4 miles from Macon city center
  • •  Served by a thruway bus, not by a train
  • •  Has no ticket office
  • •  Does not handle checked baggage
  • •  Luggage assistance not available
  • •  Not wheelchair accessible
  • •  Public restrooms available
  • •  No food service facilities
  • •  No automated teller machines available
  • •  No public transit connection available
  • •  Public telephones in the station

Airports within 30 miles of Macon, Georgia

Airport NameAirport AddressDistance (miles)City/State
Middle Georgia Regional Airport1000 Terminal Dr8.8Macon, GA

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  • Deneen posted a comment in Macon
  • September 27, 2013
The Macon, GA area could use more public transportation. Besides Greyhound bus services, they would prosper greatly if Amtrak train was here too. Macon is a big enough city to keep the Amtrak train service in business. There are smaller towns/cities that have Amtrak not sure why Macon does not! Granted, it may not be as big a city like Atlanta or Savannah but it does have it's perks. If Amtrak was in Macon, IMO I believe more people, tourists and businesses would come into the area and make it more profitable. Amtrak would be more popular to use than the Middle GA Regional Airport. I live here in Macon and didn't even know anything about this airport. Most people are surprised that Macon, GA does not have Amtrak service. PLEASE bring Amtrak to Macon...we really need it for convenient traveling purposes.

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