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Moving to Lawton...what's it like My husband and I are moving to Lawton in a few weeks and I was wondering what it's like. I've heard the crime used to be bad but it's much better that true? What is there to do there?
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Shana98Posted on Jul 28, 2015


I think the crime rate has definitely improved in Lawton. We were actually just ranked #15 of Best towns to live in Oklahoma by, so its definitely getting better! Our news reporters seem to focus on reporting a majority of crime related stories, and that makes the city actually sound worse than it is. I have lived in Lawton all of my life and have always felt completely safe here. As far as things to do, it would just depend on your interests, but I love going hiking or just driving in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It is so serene! There is also Elmer Thomas Park which has a walking and biking trail all the way around it and a very nice lake that you can stop and feed the ducks and geese. In the summertime, they have "Movies in the Park," which is definitely on my list of things to do. We have great cultural and history museums, lots of exciting new restaurants, and plenty of shopping. I think you'll find something for everyone here! Best of luck in your move to Lawton!
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JB1Posted on Aug 05, 2015
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