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What is Vacant Property Insurance? The Prime Insurance Agency offers Vacant Property Insurance in New Jersey, including Lakewood, NJ & Deal, NJ What is Vacant Property Insurance? Vacant Property Insurance is used in consideration of property where there are no possessions pertaining to activity or occupancy and the property is not in use. The Prime Insurance Agency has been writing Vacant Property Insurance policies in Lakewood and Deal, NJ for over 20 years. What is Covered with Property Insurance? • Natural and man-made disasters; • Fire; • Lightning; • Wind and hail; • Civil commotion; • Liability; • Vandalism; • Malicious mischief; and • Theft. Who Needs Vacant Property Insurance Homeowners, landlords, contractors, builders, and real estate investors need Vacant Property insurance. • Houses that are for sale, but have been on the market for a while need coverage. • A rental property that has not rented in a while. When Do you need to obtain Vacant Property Insurance? When a property goes vacant for a period, primary coverage cancels usually within 60 days; check your policy. Most insurance companies will allow you a small window of time for a house to be vacant, usually 60 to 90 days. After that period, they can cancel your house insurance policy. Our property specialist can assist you in determining when your coverage will cease. Why Do you need Vacant Property Insurance? Since no one lives there, vacant homes tend to pose more risks than occupied ones. Acts of vandalism, liability, and fire, for instance, are potentially serious issues with a vacant home. Intruders might get hurt on broken floo
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PrimeInsPosted on Nov 18, 2014


Everyone, out there! As a consumer, I just wanted to share an insurance experience that may benefit others. I own a three-bedroom Colonial home that had always been rented, but of late has become vacant. Concerned about the possible implications, I contacted my local insurance agency to make sure that the property has adequate coverage. The quote given to me for the necessary added protection took me completely by surprise. Opposed to my current monthly premium of $100, the extra coverage would saddle me with the astronomical amount of $500 a month! What was the reason they gave me for such a giant increase in premium? Higher risk of damage, the broker said. With the house unoccupied, there was no one there to ensure outsiders would not break in and wreak some form of havoc. Regardless of the explanation, I couldn’t accept this as a final word without doing research on my own. My online hunt eventually led me to a global company that offers a product for vacant homes. Now, I needed to find an agency that offered it. After being directed to Prime Insurance Agency of Lakewood, NJ, and speaking with a young man there by the name of Eli Pollak, I not only understood that the Vacant Property Policy was far superior to anything I had previously come across, but also a significantly more affordable option, in line with my budget. It literally took five minutes to complete the entire transaction. I was amazed. How was it that Prime Insurance could facilitate coverage so quickly? Eli told me that, Prime Insurance is one of only a few insurance agencies in the country that c
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MallPosted on Oct 12, 2015
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