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possibly relocating to Lake City We are thinking about moving to Lake City. We are in our 50's and want to get away from all the business of the cities. But wonder how it is living in Lake City? We are wondering about neighborhood safety, do the summer rental properties bring concerns and are the summers annoying, etc.? We are looking for a peaceful place, but not so secluded that we need to plan a day trip to go to the grocery store, ect. We visited Lake City and fell in love with the quaintness and beauty, but wonder how the locals feel about living there year round?
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CherPosted on Dec 30, 2014


We retired in Lake City after living in Chicago for twenty four years. We find Lake City safe and affordable. We have a home on the river with a view we could not have afforded in Chicago (Lake Michigan). We find the people here very friendly and there is plenty to keep you active especially if you like water activities and golf. We enjoy, tennis, golf, boating, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and belonging to Kiwanis, Lions, etc. There are lots of cute shops and parks. Homes are very affordable compared to the large cities. Rochester is great and only 40 minutes away! Come join us!
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Minnesota NicePosted on May 18, 2015
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