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Jacksonville neighborhoods We are giving serious thought to relocating to Jacksonville from CT. Our friends live in the Hodges/ Beach area (inter-coastal west?). Our priorities are, nice housing that is affordable (highland glen, Windsor park are two communities that we have scouted) and a neighborhood-type of feel. Low crime, walkable to amenities (restaurants, coffee shop, some shopping, etc) is very important. I saw parts of Avondale and like the neighborhood feel, but thought maybe between the river and the inter-coastal might be a better fit for us. Any ideas ?
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BillgPosted on Jun 17, 2013


What is your budget? Affordable is relative. Hodges and Beach is NOT walkable at all. The only walkable neighborhoods in the city are Riverside & Avondale historic district, Springfield historic district, San Marco, parts of Murray Hill, and the beaches area East of 3rd Street. Avondale is very nice, and if you like it, you'll also like Riverside and San Marco. Springfield is sort of the same, but not as revitalized yet. Depending on your budget, I'd look at Riverside & Avondale and San Marco first.
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John Smith 1975Posted on Jul 30, 2013
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