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best family neighborhods/schools in Jacksonville, FL We are moving to Jacksonville, Fl and I am completely unfamiliar with the area . . I need info on the best family area/neighborhood to rent housing between $1200-$1400 monthly. I also need info on good elementary schools. thanks in advance!
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m.seitz006Posted on Jul 29, 2015


I've lived in Jacksonville my whole life. The best part of town would have to be St. John's county, primarily for the school system. Nocatee, Durbin Crossing, or any other neighborhood adjacent would be wonderful for family life. If you can't afford St. John's county, Duval county in the Southside generally is safe & maybe more affordable.Stay away from the Westside & the Northside that is where the majority of our notorious crime rate/murders comes from.
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flgalPosted on Nov 21, 2015
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