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Is Indianapolis, IN a bike-friendly city? With the rising gas prices and the rising pollution across major cities, I've been making more of an effort to go green and ride my bike rather than drive my car. My only concern is that some major cities don't offer proper bike paths or bike lanes and it can be much more dangerous to get around on a bike rather than a car. Having said that, Is Indianapolis a bike-friendly city? Are there bike lanes or bike paths that stretch across the city that make it safer/easier for bikers to get around? Is Indianapolis a good city for me to live in if I want to ride my bike rather than drive my car? Thanks:)
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WindyCityPosted on Apr 12, 2011


Sorry this answer is a year late, but I have only recently joined this forum. Some parts of Indy are very bike friendly. Others, not so much. It depends on where you live and where you are trying to go so making a general statement about it isn't really possible. However, recently, Indy has made a huge effort towards making the city more bike friendly with 64 miles of bike lanes added and more on the way. While some Indianapolis residents are embracing the concept, others not so much with the argument that the money would be better spent maintaining the current infrastructure. Despite that, bike lane growth is expected to expand.
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Marian65Posted on Apr 08, 2012
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