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Does Greer SC need a professional private drum, guitar, piano teacher? I am looking at a move to the Greenville through Greer area in the next 5-10 years. I run a successful music studio. Despite my comfortable living situation here I am obsessed with the idea of moving to the Greenville area. I would be grateful for any input on the area on topics from how welcoming local folks are to newcomers from the north, to where to live or not to live in the area, to getting a sense of the need for my services as a music teacher. When I finally do make the move, I will buy a home with the necessary space to run the business on site. I hope to find a music store who will partner with me in providing my customers with materials and instruments and in turn, refer my name to people in need of my services. How will I get my business name out there? Where should I locate myself to best suit my clients and maximize the business? How many people are searching for a guitar, piano or drum teacher? This site is truly awesome! Thank you! Jonathan Reiser Reiser Music Studio llc BME in Music Education University of Wisconsin Manitowoc, WI 54220
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Your Music TeacherPosted on Dec 08, 2014
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