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Possibly relocating to Greenville My husband has a possible job relocation to Greenville. We have children. Crime and schools are big. I have read that Greenville has high crime and the schools get pretty pitiful ratings. Does anyone have any insight on this? I have heard it's a good town for college students, what about for families? Any areas that are safer than others? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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gvnsmmPosted on Jun 17, 2013


I hope you didn't move here. I signed in here today because I heard gunshots last night before 11pm (I live near ECU/between 1st and 5th st and I've heard them at least 5x in 3 years). Every day I hear a story about how someone was shot or stabbed (been here 6 yrs). I know someone who use to work in the ER at the hospital who could confirmed. I knew Greenville was bad for crime, but I didn't realize it got an "F" relative to other cities. I am surprised how much crime there is here for such a small town. In most cases it exists in pockets (specific neighborhoods or around certain streets). There are constantly new houses or town homes going up and apparently the builders/developers didn't look at that crime of that area. I live near the university and I would never going walking at night (yes, I'm female in my 20s but I've gone walking alone at night in other towns and felt safe) though some people do it coming back from the bars (the only thing for young people to go to these days). As a college instructor, the students who go to school locally, seem to have such lower comprehension abilities whether that be in math or reading or both. I would never be able to have children in this town and I'm sure the people who do are only here because 1)there family is here (grew up here) or 2) a job at the hospital or university. If anything move to Winterville and commute.
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CS2014Posted on Jul 18, 2014
We are in same position, with two little children, mooching in September. Did either of you have any luck finding a good neighborhood for young families or things to do with kids in the area?
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rohan1722Posted on Jul 13, 2014
Finding myself in a similar situation....wondering how things turned out for you? If you moved to Greenville, do you have any insights to share on family friendliness, schools, neighborhoods?
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WLCPosted on Feb 13, 2014
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