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Evansville, IN Is Evansville's downtown pretty? Is it like 1 long road with stores for the most part? I'm wondering how big the downtown is. (?)
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lyristlisaPosted on Nov 02, 2012


No Evansville is ditry no there is no long roads realy the only road with multipule stores is on the east or west sides very heavy traffic they have red light after red light the downtown roads have holes they never fix and you get stoped at every red light its like you go to stop just around the corner i am from louisville go there much better city and smells better to also evansville was just thrown together houses are to close like right on top of one another also just publish that evansville is the 8th worst place to work or live the water taste like sewer so no do not come to evansville
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the truthPosted on Apr 18, 2013
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