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Furniture stores in Denver or nearby? Hello, what furniture brands would you recommend. I'm interested in wooden cabinets to my kitchen, but not too expensive?
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LizzyearlPosted on Sep 21, 2011


I think it's worth. I've heard a lot of good reviews so it may not be the case
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marinaPosted on Dec 16, 2011
there is no price list on their web site eurointelligentkitchens you entered. How can I find out? I am often in Denver so I may be go there, but first I want to know if it's worth :)
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CiaraPosted on Nov 30, 2011
I think I give as good discounts on furniture. I've heard good reviews about them...
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marinaPosted on Nov 23, 2011
I looked at this site and I have to admit that they have a very interesting selection of furniture. They are very modern but probably too expensive?
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MadlenePosted on Nov 17, 2011
Well, check the Euro Intelligent Kitchens website. They have a great range of cabinets and accessories.
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AgathaPosted on Oct 07, 2011
Hi! If you are looking for good furniture store i would like to recommend . They have unique offer from European suppliers which generally are cheaper than those from US. I was buying aluminum cabinet doors. They have great showroom with frameless kitchens, high-gloss kitchen cabinets and more. I hope this will help you. The are located in Denver. Details you can easily find on the website.
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Jan___SwaPosted on Sep 23, 2011
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