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Is Fogo de Chao worth the visit in Dallas, TX? Fogo de Chao has always been a restaurant that I've wanted to visit. The appeal of unlimited meat on the stick is actually appealing to me for some reason. Having said that, I've never been and I'm curious to know if I should go. The price tag seems pretty steep at about $50 for dinner, you'd have to eat about a tonne of meat to come out on top. Is the Fogo de Chao in Dallas worth the visit? How's the quality of food and the overall atmosphere in the restaurant?
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AV JonPosted on Jan 25, 2011


Fogo de Chao is worth to visit. Try and visit the restaurant. Judge it by yourself, I am driving a cab and I always seen a crowd specially during week ends. It means the quality of food and the ambiance looks great. If you need a ride I am very familiar with the area 24/7 taxi Servicing in Dallas Call: (214) 909-4150
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shakilahmedPosted on Dec 30, 2015
It's a chain restaurant so there is nothing particular to Dallas that makes this restaurant unique (although it's a really good restaurant). Go to Chamberlains Steak House - it's incredible.
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Jeff DelezenPosted on Aug 07, 2011
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