Clinton, TN Transportation

Clinton transportation information

Total airports (within 30 miles of city center)0 (1)5354
Total Amtrak train stations (within 30 miles of city center)0n/a4711
Average one way commute (mins)212425
Workers who carpool5.1%10.0%10.0%
Workers taking public transportation0.0%0.8%5.0%
Workers who walk to work1.0%1.3%2.8%
Working from home2.9%3.4%4.3%
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There are a total of 1 airports within 30 miles of Clinton and a total of n/a Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the city center.

The average travel time to work in Clinton is 12.3% less than the Tennessee average and 16.8% less than the National average. The number of people who carpool to work in Clinton is 48.9% less than the Tennessee average and 49.2% less than the National average. The number of people who work from home in Clinton is 15.9% less than the Tennessee average and 32.1% less than the National average.

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Approx. Monthly Costn/an/a
Monthly costs include: fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license fees, taxes, depreciation, and financing.

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Means of transportation

One way travel time to work (mins)

Data displayed in the above graphs is based on 2012 census data.

Airports within 30 miles of Clinton, Tennessee

Airport NameAirport AddressDistance (miles)City/State
McGhee Tyson Airport2055 Alcoa Hwy15.1Knoxville, TN

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Neighborhoods in & around Clinton, TN

Downtown Knoxville, Knoxville8115.3
Old City, Knoxville7915.1
Edgewood, Knoxville7614.9
Fourth And Gill, Knoxville7514.6
Oakwood, Knoxville7513.6
Fort Sanders, Knoxville7514.9
Old North Knoxville, Knoxville7414.2
Mechanicsville, Knoxville7414.1
Old Sevier, Knoxville7216.2
Belle Morris, Knoxville7114.3
Parkridge, Knoxville7015.3
College Hills, Knoxville6713.6
Beaumont, Knoxville6613.5
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Cities near Clinton, TN

Farragut, TN8315.7
Maryville, TN8325.6
Oak Ridge, TN8110
Norris, TN807.3
Park City, TN7915.7
Kingston, TN7926.1
Seymour, TN7825.6
Loudon, TN7828
Sunbright, TN7831.5
Knoxville, TN7815.4
Gatlinburg, TN7744
Louisville, TN7720
Jefferson City, TN7635.7
Wildwood, TN7625.3
Harrogate, TN7642.4
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