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What Does Cleveland need to Get Back on Track? There seems to be a lot of negative press around Cleveland lately, especially since you know who left to go south. What does Cleveland need to do to turn things around? I've been to Cleveland a few times and feel that with some changes this city could potentially be great! The issues I did notice were things like: petty crime, homelessness, poor public transportation system, run down houses and seedy neighborhoods. Having said that, you can find most of those issues in almost any major city. What are the real problems plaguing Cleveland? Have I missed something more major that only locals would know?
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AV JonPosted on Jan 13, 2011


well since you were here in 11, alot has changed, public transportation is better, run down house's are gone, torn down 100's in the last couple of years, and every city has its seedy neighborhoods, I would have to know what neighborhoods you were particularly talking about !!!
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beverly1966Posted on Jul 30, 2013
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