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Moving to Chesterfield I would like to know how good is Chesterfield MO from family safety and school standard standpoint. And what does A+ rating for school district means in areavibes site? Is there a rating reference that i can get?
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SidPosted on Dec 07, 2014


Hi! I live in Chesterfield and have for the last 9 years. Family safety is excellent. The Parkway School System is in Chesterfield and is also considered excellent. I don't have school age children, but you should be able to look it up by the name. Shopping is close, you don't need to go into St. Louis unless you work there; want to go to a ballgame, etc. Downtown St. Louis is about 25 miles from here and traffic can be heavy in mornings going in and evenings coming out. Also if there is a game you need to leave early because traffic will be heavy going in!
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curiousgeorgePosted on Jun 12, 2015
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