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Please tell me if the crime rate is high or low I was seriously thinking of retiring in Charlotte. My main concern is the crime rate. Please be brutually honest as this is a really important issue to me. Thanks!
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Silly GoosePosted on Mar 10, 2015


I think you need to conduct your own research. Does posting here really help?
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KatyCat44Posted on Oct 07, 2016
Average. You can google some stuff and watch some news.
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iamheaven18@gmail.comPosted on Sep 22, 2016
Like any city there is going to be some crime, but the crime rate here really isnt that bad. There are certain areas like in most major cities that you will want to avoid, but overall it is very safe. Charlotte has the cleanest and safest downtown area (which they refer to as uptown) then any other city i've ever been to. I've lived here for 3 years now and do not plan on leaving, I am only 27 years old. I love it here. Also, I would recommend using Lyft instead of Uber, lyft is a much safer driving service. You can get free rides going to this site But anyway South Charlotte is definitely the safest part of Charlotte, more expensive though, i would recommend the Ballantyne area. University area is nice as well though there are a lot of college students, but they mostly live in apartments, the neighborhoods arent too bad around there, and there are a lot of subdivisions being constructed so something to look forward to.
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ibwashinPosted on Apr 14, 2016
The crime in CLT is insane! Seriously bad, and violent crime at that. Charlotte was on gangland, the History channel (I think) if that says much. The city vibe as a whole is bad. People are wound up tight here and it shows. It shows on the road, it shows in personal interactions, it just shows. There is a certain entitlement among many here and it shows too. "mmmm hmmmm"+head wobble when you try and hold a door open for someone. Gangs of kids waiting outside Carowinds to attack and rob you. They know you don't have a weapon because you were just in the park. This just happened. Check the local news here, download the app for Charlotte WSOC-TV. Every day, you will see another person murdered, recently a 7 year old kid at home from a shooting. Labor day was bloody as could be. It's crazy and the result is punish law abiding citizens with more laws that the criminals don't care about. It's getting worse too, not better. just check the news app, you'll see. Now, there are places in/near CLT that are very nice. South Charlotte is an afluent place with shops and revitalization. The downtown area, dubbed "uptown" is nice at the center, clean, and lots going on with lots of police presence. Stay in the main part tho, gangs around the corner are just waiting. there was a shooting between gangs a few years back in front of the public library! Lots of homeless around CLT, lots of property crimes, theft. There is a HUGE beer culture growing up here...and some cool places. However, just the other weekend, a fight broke out in the parking lot next door to VBGB and people were hit by st
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McTavPosted on Sep 30, 2015
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