Best Places to Live in New Mexico

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live in New Mexico by using a Livability Score out of 100. The Livability Score for each city in New Mexico is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. New Mexico has a population of 2,055,287 and a population density of 17.1. The capital city is Santa Fe and the largest city in New Mexico is Albuquerque. To filter the results, use the filters on the left to sort by state, population and category.
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Rank City Livability Ame­nities Cost of Living Crime Edu­cation Emp­loyment Housing Weather
1Los Alamos, NMPopulation: 12,01483A+DB+A+AAC+
2Mayhill, NMPopulation: 8983FABA+A+BA
3City of the Sun, NMPopulation: 3582A+ACA+D+CB+
4Mesilla, NMPopulation: 2,14181BCA+ABB+A
5West Hammond, NMPopulation: 2,80281BA+B+B+ABC
6White Rock, NMPopulation: 5,69081BCB+A+AB+C+
7La Huerta, NMPopulation: 1,23081D+C+A+ABB+A
8Las Cruces, NMPopulation: 97,39380A+A+D+BCC+A
9Sandia Heights, NMPopulation: 3,44480CFA+A+AA+B
10San Pedro, NMPopulation: 9180B+A+CA+BBD+
11Alamogordo, NMPopulation: 30,54479AA+C+BCCA
12Sausal, NMPopulation: 1,04279C+AB+ACC+B
13Santa Fe, NMPopulation: 68,29879A+CBBC+B+C
14San Antonito, NMPopulation: 1,01379FB+A+A+BBB
15Homestead, NMPopulation: 3179A+ACA+D+CD+
16Ruidoso, NMPopulation: 8,05579A+AD+B+C+BC+
17Corrales, NMPopulation: 8,34078BFB+A+B+AC
18Albuquerque, NMPopulation: 545,08378A+AFB+C+BB
19Cloudcroft, NMPopulation: 66978BAD+ACBA
20Jaconita, NMPopulation: 29078C+B+BACB+C+
21Sandia Knolls, NMPopulation: 2,07977FA+AA+B+BD+
22Silver City, NMPopulation: 10,33177A+A+DBCCB+
23Los Cerrillos, NMPopulation: 8177FA+BA+B+BC
24University Park, NMPopulation: 3,45377A+A+CAFCA
25Los Lunas, NMPopulation: 14,73177B+A+DBC+C+B
26Paradise Hills, NMPopulation: 4,62877ACC+ABBC
27Edgewood, NMPopulation: 3,73077C+AB+AC+BD+
28El Rancho, NMPopulation: 1,05577FAAB+BB+C+
29Cedar Crest, NMPopulation: 1,34677FC+AAB+BB
30North Hobbs, NMPopulation: 5,29377AACC+BBC+
31Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NMPopulation: 6,02176BDB+B+BAC
32Bosque Farms, NMPopulation: 3,90476C+BCAC+BB
33La Mesilla, NMPopulation: 1,83676FAAB+BBC+
34Rio Rancho, NMPopulation: 87,06876A+CDABBC
35Carlsbad, NMPopulation: 26,15876AA+FC+CD+A
36Artesia, NMPopulation: 11,26876A+A+DCCCA
37Conchas Dam, NMPopulation: 19976FB+C+A+ABB
38La Hacienda, NMPopulation: 25476A+ADD+D+BB+
39Ponderosa Pine, NMPopulation: 1,04676FD+A+A+BAB
40Fairacres, NMPopulation: 71676D+ACBC+BA
41Tularosa, NMPopulation: 2,86576BA+C+BDD+B+
42Pojoaque, NMPopulation: 2,07576DA+BBC+CC+
43Rosedale, NMPopulation: 19175B+ADBD+BB+
44Valencia, NMPopulation: 2,34475CA+BC+CC+B
45Eunice, NMPopulation: 2,91675CA+BD+BD+A
46Indian Hills, NMPopulation: 1,33175A+A+BCD+D+D+
47La Cueva, NMPopulation: 9075FCBA+A+B+C+
48Clovis, NMPopulation: 37,53875A+A+FC+CCB
49Cedro, NMPopulation: 38075FABA+BBB
50La Villita, NMPopulation: 1,55075FAB+BBBC+
51Placitas, NMPopulation: 5,49175FFB+A+B+AB
52Clayton, NMPopulation: 2,61975C+A+A+CCDC+
53Aztec, NMPopulation: 6,73675ABCBCBC
54Peralta, NMPopulation: 3,64775CA+DB+C+C+B
55Portales, NMPopulation: 12,32775AA+FC+D+CB
56Tijeras, NMPopulation: 39775CCC+B+C+BB
57Twin Forks, NMPopulation: 21775FC+C+AABA
58Mimbres, NMPopulation: 63475FA+DA+BC+B+
59Las Maravillas, NMPopulation: 1,85575FAB+BBC+B
60Nambe, NMPopulation: 2,06275FAABCBC+
61El Valle de Arroyo Seco, NMPopulation: 1,16075FA+B+BCBC+
62Roswell, NMPopulation: 48,16775A+A+FCCD+B+
63Raton, NMPopulation: 6,82575AA+C+BD+D+D+
64Truth or Consequences, NMPopulation: 6,47775AA+CC+FD+B+
65Waterflow, NMPopulation: 1,30875FAAB+BBC
66Agua Fria, NMPopulation: 3,08174B+A+BD+D+BC
67Chical, NMPopulation: 7074FACA+ACB
68Cuyamungue, NMPopulation: 54574DACB+C+BC+
69Arenas Valley, NMPopulation: 1,42274FA+BAC+D+B+
70Garfield, NMPopulation: 16474FB+C+ABBB+
71Cannon AFB, NMPopulation: 2,58674DB+CA+CCB
72Tesuque, NMPopulation: 97974FFBAAA+C
73Luna, NMPopulation: 13774FDBA+BAB
74Radium Springs, NMPopulation: 1,45174FA+B+C+BC+A
75Madrid, NMPopulation: 15174C+ADA+DBC
76Spencerville, NMPopulation: 1,32274FAB+BB+C+C
77Gallup, NMPopulation: 21,70174A+A+FC+C+C+D+
78Arroyo Seco, NMPopulation: 1,78574CD+A+ACAD
79CaƱada de los Alamos, NMPopulation: 43674A+DC+CCB+C
80Lemitar, NMPopulation: 35274FA+DAACB
81Taos, NMPopulation: 5,66174A+A+FB+D+BD
82Socorro, NMPopulation: 9,02074AA+FCD+CB+
83Hillsboro, NMPopulation: 11074DA+D+CB+BB+
84Magdalena, NMPopulation: 74174CA+DAD+D+B+
85Santa Teresa, NMPopulation: 4,58474DA+CC+CC+A
86Belen, NMPopulation: 7,26774AA+DC+DCB
87Cliff, NMPopulation: 42474FA+FA+BD+B+
88Chili, NMPopulation: 1,05274FA+BBBCC+
89Dexter, NMPopulation: 1,53873DA+A+DC+DB+
90Lordsburg, NMPopulation: 3,03873C+A+CCCD+B+
91Rio Communities, NMPopulation: 5,62573D+A+D+B+CC+B
92Las Palomas, NMPopulation: 8973FDBA+BAB+
93Jacona, NMPopulation: 45773FB+C+B+C+B+C+
94Canova, NMPopulation: 1873FA+CA+D+CC+
95Farmington, NMPopulation: 45,45873AC+DBC+BC
96Capitan, NMPopulation: 1,57473FA+BBCCC+
97North Valley, NMPopulation: 11,57573BCCC+CBB
98Loving, NMPopulation: 1,30273D+A+AD+CFA
99Eldorado at Santa Fe, NMPopulation: 6,14073FDB+A+BAC
100Jemez Springs, NMPopulation: 25573DD+CA+BB+C+
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