Best Places to Live in Alaska

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live in Alaska by using a Livability Score out of 100. The Livability Score for each city in Alaska is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. Alaska has a population of 735,132 and a population density of 1.1. The capital city is Juneau and the largest city in Alaska is Anchorage. To filter the results, use the filters on the left to sort by state, population and category.
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Rank City Livability Ame­nities Cost of Living Crime Edu­cation Emp­loyment Housing Weather
1Sitka, AKPopulation: 8,90976A+FB+B+BAD
2Juneau, AKPopulation: 31,63673A+FD+AB+AF
3Petersburg, AKPopulation: 3,16373B+DC+ABBF
4Skagway, AKPopulation: 1,00472BFBABAF
5Ketchikan, AKPopulation: 8,09772A+DCB+C+B+D
6Elfin Cove, AKPopulation: 2869FFBA+BA+F
7Anchorage, AKPopulation: 291,47069A+DFB+B+B+F
8Haines, AKPopulation: 2,00669C+DC+A+C+BF
9Palmer, AKPopulation: 6,00769A+DCBBBF
10Seward, AKPopulation: 2,69269A+D+CBCBF
11Valdez, AKPopulation: 3,96268B+DCBB+BF
12Kenai, AKPopulation: 7,15268A+D+D+B+BBF
13Homer, AKPopulation: 5,05068ADFAC+B+F
14Cooper Landing, AKPopulation: 30268FFCA+A+AF
15Kodiak, AKPopulation: 6,19668A+DFBBBF
16Craig, AKPopulation: 1,26867C+D+DBBC+D
17Wasilla, AKPopulation: 7,94267A+DDBC+BF
18Wrangell, AKPopulation: 2,36867FD+B+B+C+BF
19Unalaska, AKPopulation: 4,26267D+FC+CB+AF
20Soldotna, AKPopulation: 4,20967A+DD+B+CBF
21Metlakatla, AKPopulation: 1,55866FCC+B+C+CD
22Kupreanof, AKPopulation: 4165B+FFA+D+CF
23Kodiak Station, AKPopulation: 1,78265FFBA+BB+F
24College, AKPopulation: 13,84965A+FDABB+F
25Farm Loop, AKPopulation: 1,04765FDBA+B+B+F
26Diamond Ridge, AKPopulation: 1,00965FDB+ABBF
27Kachemak, AKPopulation: 70164DFD+B+BAF
28Beluga, AKPopulation: 5364FFBA+BA+F
29Lakes, AKPopulation: 9,15964DDD+AB+B+F
30Butte, AKPopulation: 3,45864DDC+B+B+BF
31Gateway, AKPopulation: 5,26964FDCAAB+F
32Chenega, AKPopulation: 9264FDDA+CB+F
33Thorne Bay, AKPopulation: 51164FDDAC+BD
34Fishhook, AKPopulation: 4,86464FDCAAB+F
35Gustavus, AKPopulation: 51164FDDAC+BF
36Yakutat, AKPopulation: 57063FDDABC+F
37Sand Point, AKPopulation: 1,19063DDBC+BCF
38Chignik Lagoon, AKPopulation: 7663FFCC+A+B+F
39Klawock, AKPopulation: 63363DD+DBC+C+D
40Womens Bay, AKPopulation: 72763FFD+A+AAF
41Primrose, AKPopulation: 3063FFBCA+B+F
42Point Baker, AKPopulation: 1663FFCA+FAF
43Ninilchik, AKPopulation: 64363FD+DB+C+BF
44Fairbanks, AKPopulation: 31,65663A+FDBC+BF
45Whale Pass, AKPopulation: 3863FFCA+CCF
46Ridgeway, AKPopulation: 2,36163FDBABB+F
47Moose Pass, AKPopulation: 34863FFDAAB+F
48Pelican, AKPopulation: 9163FDDACBF
49Seldovia, AKPopulation: 28662DDDAC+BF
50Cordova, AKPopulation: 2,44162FDC+BAB+F
51Fritz Creek, AKPopulation: 1,65362FDBB+C+B+F
52Bethel, AKPopulation: 6,14062BFDBABF
53Halibut Cove, AKPopulation: 2762FFDA+ACF
54Tenakee Springs, AKPopulation: 13862FDDAC+BF
55Houston, AKPopulation: 1,95762FD+BBBBF
56Sterling, AKPopulation: 5,41962FDD+ABB+F
57Knik-Fairview, AKPopulation: 14,40062DDDB+B+BF
58Nikiski, AKPopulation: 4,70862FD+D+ABBF
59Whittier, AKPopulation: 22262DAFACFF
60Port Alexander, AKPopulation: 2962FFFBBBD
61Hoonah, AKPopulation: 69462DD+DBC+C+F
62Hydaburg, AKPopulation: 41162FBFBCDD
63Anchor Point, AKPopulation: 2,08062FD+C+B+C+BF
64Farmers Loop, AKPopulation: 3,67461FFBA+AB+F
65Saxman, AKPopulation: 39461FDFBC+BD
66Big Lake, AKPopulation: 3,63661FDC+B+BBF
67Chignik, AKPopulation: 11661FD+FB+AD+F
68Happy Valley, AKPopulation: 57361FD+DAC+BF
69Nome, AKPopulation: 3,63861BFD+B+BBF
70Edna Bay, AKPopulation: 1761FFCA+D+CF
71Kasaan, AKPopulation: 4761FD+DB+CC+D
72Kake, AKPopulation: 41361FBFBCD+F
73Two Rivers, AKPopulation: 26661FFD+A+A+C+F
74Atka, AKPopulation: 8761FD+DB+ACF
75Naknek, AKPopulation: 57861DDDB+B+BF
76Bear Creek, AKPopulation: 1,96061FD+BC+BBF
77Mud Bay, AKPopulation: 10761FD+DA+C+BF
78Delta Junction, AKPopulation: 86261CFDAB+BF
79Tanaina, AKPopulation: 9,39360FDDB+BBF
80Talkeetna, AKPopulation: 52160CCFB+D+CF
81Port Alsworth, AKPopulation: 15860FFDABB+F
82Cohoe, AKPopulation: 1,31260FDBB+BBF
83Coffman Cove, AKPopulation: 9160FDFADBD
84King Cove, AKPopulation: 89260FDFB+BCF
85King Salmon, AKPopulation: 29460FFDB+ABF
86Cold Bay, AKPopulation: 5160FDDAC+C+F
87Healy, AKPopulation: 98460D+FD+BAB+F
88Larsen Bay, AKPopulation: 9560FD+FBB+D+F
89Lutak, AKPopulation: 1160FFCA+D+CF
90Goldstream, AKPopulation: 3,92460FFBAB+B+F
91Seldovia Village, AKPopulation: 13860DFDC+C+BF
92Lazy Mountain, AKPopulation: 1,30660FDB+B+B+B+F
93Kasilof, AKPopulation: 58359FDFA+C+BF
94Iliamna, AKPopulation: 8059FFCC+B+AF
95Game Creek, AKPopulation: 2959FFCA+D+CF
96Willow, AKPopulation: 2,01959FDBB+BBF
97Barrow, AKPopulation: 4,22259DFD+BB+BF
98Chena Ridge, AKPopulation: 5,62959FFCAB+B+F
99Klukwan, AKPopulation: 12959FFDB+C+BF
100Meadow Lakes, AKPopulation: 6,40559FDDBBBF
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