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Auburn, WA: City Review

I lived in Auburn, WA for several years while I worked at the Boeing plant that is located there. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience while I lived in Auburn. The biggest draw to Auburn is the fact that the economy there is great. There are plenty of jobs, and people are generally very well off. Since 2000, the size of the city has roughly doubled. With the huge population increase there has been an increase in traffic, but it is not as bad as many growing cities. While I lived in Auburn, I really enjoyed the community. Everyone there is middle class or upper middle class for the most part and are friendly. There are several different attractions, mostly typical local places to go along with some parks and recreation facilities provided by the government. If you are looking for a city that has a huge bar and club scene, this is probably not the city for you. There are some things to do at night, but the entertainment is geared towards married families with children. There are many city related attractions and decent restaurants for a city of its size. While I was there, I had to drive at least thirty minutes to get to any real party scene. So if you are in your twenties and are single, this may not be the best city to live in. However, overall I really did enjoy my short commute to work while I lived there, along with the very friendly people. There are very few crimes in this area, which is something I really appreciate. I would recommend this city greatly to any young family just starting out, or maybe those who a are bit older that want a large city feel without the partying.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 17, 2015
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