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How did you rate La Mesa as 71? With the lack of responses by city services which includes animal control, usually the police for anything, being next to the STATE FAIR gounds, where everybody comes to rob a house; fearful neighbors, gang actitity, drug use. Like 2 pit bulls were in my front yard and the operator asked if they were mean or gentle. I told her that she was crazy if she thought that I'd go out out and find out. The only good thing is the busses on Central run every 15 minutes, the buss on Lomas runs every 20 minutes. This is such a sad place. When the city cracks down, they go down on home owners. If the wind didn't blow trash, then there would be less crime. They beieve that a dirty yard causes crime. Trash trucks drive by every day with trash falling into my yard.
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meyatiPosted on Dec 09, 2015
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