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Relo from Cincinnati to Alameda My wife suffers from migraines and fibromyalgia. Hot days can trigger a headache, and cold winter days causes her fibro to act up. We need to find a city that has low occurrences of migraines, few allergens and more importantly, low barometric changes. We've looked up and down the coast, as well as looking east of SF (i.e., Pollock Pines, Auburn), but after doing some research on Alameda I am thinking this could a a great place for her. My questions are pretty simple: 1.) Is there a high occurrence of migraines and/or allergens? 2.) Does the barometric pressure stay somewhat flatlined or does the chart resembe a roller coaster? 3.) How are the schools? 4.) Are there gangs? 5.) Is Alameda a good place to raise a family? 6.) What is unique about Alameda? 7.) What is there to do in Alameda (night life included)? thanks to anyone who can help.
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NomadicPosted on Jun 24, 2012
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